Saturday, June 13, 2015

A day looking at Graffiti Art.

We are on the way to see a Graffiti Exhibition under the arches, in Waterloo Station.

 Saw this on the way, on the top most part of a house.

This was in a shop window!

And here we are ... so exciting.

Wow ... look at all these artists but there is one problem .... the fumes! They are almost over powering. Glad we didn't have Oscar with us, on this artistic outing!

A large stencil, that one of the artists had designed, cut out and then used ... impressive or what!!

One of the safe and lucky artists, with a proper breathing mask on !

Anyone need a can of spray paint?

This was and is amazing spray painting.

I rerally enjoy experience and watching the artists at work. I hope they leave the work on display ... could be a tourist attraction, like the streets in Melbourne!

Love the glass on this building . It could have been quite tacky looking but they have managed, l think , to make it quite outstanding.

Now don't you feel safe? :)

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