Sunday, June 14, 2015

Loads of my Art and " those " in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Should have been published a few weeks ago but forgot to publish it!
A lot has happened since l last blogged. I am really cross with myself for letting it go this long. So sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy! :) The first image is of a finished piece of work, which is a found piece of wood and a found bottle of ink. I have called it " A Magical Bird ".


Next images of our wonderful trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 

Firstly this amazing piece of work . Embroidered birds by Emily Sutton. Each bird is made of calico with wrapped wire legs and whittle wooden beaks. Each bird is painted with acylic paint. Stunning.

Then we go outside and there are just sculptures everywhere.

Looking at the water levels.

Really don't know what these are but they are alive! :)

Great end to the day!

Then back to the studio and " works " in progress!

" Wise Lady " in progress.

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