Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Fungi and Circles !

This blog entry is going to be about what l have been upto lately. I have been moving my studio into my two bedroom apartment .  Was not easy, l tell you! We have been able to turn my kitchen annex, into a great studio . My husband has been amazing about it.
So first off ... many of you will know l have a "thing " about fungi!! I have been on a hunt in the woods to see what has been coming up. 

Love the texture on this one.

Beautiful pink !

Love the pattern on the edges.

When my 2 year old grandson saw this fungi, he thought it was an Orange. 

This looks like gills!

Fairy toadstool!

Love the delicate pattern on edge of the fungi. I know it is because it dying but still beautiful !

So white and beautiful and beautiful edges.

So delicate.

Like the colour and the central dot!

I have had so much finding these. I am not sure why l am so fasinated by fungi but l am so hooked!


If you have been following me, in anyway, you will know l am also fascinated by circles. So finding these decorative balls/circles, well l was in heaven!  

These will certainly go into my sketch book. 


Emma said...

Fabulous textures & colors in all those lovely circle shapes of fungi. Enjoyed your doodling, too.

Lynda Howells said...

Hi Emma,
Long time no hear xx hope all is well with you. I am enjoying my doodling!!