Saturday, November 21, 2015

My work and the start of a very special Noah's Ark canvas.

Even a piece of  wood can look beautiful ... if you paint it !

On Tuesday l am off to Australia, to see my new grandson, Felix. I am SO exited !!!!! As a present for him, l am painting a " Noah's Ark ' canvas, as requested by my son and his wife.  I have painted quite a few of these and each one is different. I have found it really hard to paint this one because it has to be perfect .. in my mind anyway. This is the start of it.

Then in between waiting for bits of it to dry ... l painted some journal pages. Especially the journal l am taking to Australia , to record my trip.

This is the start of my cardboard journals.

This is a canvas for spare paint ... this is the way a lot of my paintings start!

This is as much as l am going to show you. You can see the completed canvas, when l have given it to my grandson!

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