Thursday, May 19, 2016

Colour and patterns on and around Bondi Beach!

One of the things l love about being here, in Bondi Beach, is being surrounded by Nature, at it's best. Colour shape and smells. 
Amazing yellows.


Delicate blues.

Reds and pinks.


Orange and red flowers.


Some beautiful patterns.



 Some amazing trees.


Beautiful and amazing, shaped fruit and seeds.

I am having such an amazing (sorry ... keep using this word! ) time as a Grandmother and artist. The place is just so alive with colour, bird songs and JUST life.

Patterns have always caught my attention. I have a project on the go at present, to do with circles. But on my walks this week, l have recorded all sorts of shapes. They will eventually turn up in my work!

Somebody had fun with the paint this week ... it was every where. A bit anti-social but fun for me and the person that did it! There is paint spilt and dribbled all round the beach area!




Would you believe this pattern, was made by spilt coffee?


There is some wonderful graffiti, all over the Beach area ... actually encouraged by the Council. Something that is encouraged in Melbourne, as well.



And Mosaic's and Tiles too.


This is part of my Circle project.


What is the British Rail sign doing here in Bondi, l wonder?


These are some of the Sculpture Park exhibits.


And of course, the sand always gives me different patterns, every day. 

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