Sunday, March 05, 2017

The adventure begins.

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Cath Stonard said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad Lynda, it is a very difficult time when you have to watch those you love suffer. I think your drawing every day is a great thing to do though, it will help to keep you calm and focussed. I remember when my Mum was in hospital, and was dying, I always had my sketchbook with me, and would draw all sorts, including a drawing of her lying there, just like the one you have done of your Dad. I lost my husband last year too, and he was in hospital for nearly 3 months. Guess what I did each day while sitting next to his bed! Yes, it was one of the best ways to keep me sane, and when I look back at those drawings, it brings back poignant memories of our last days together. You are doing something amazing for your Dad, and taking care of yourself at the same time, I wish you all well.