Monday, February 13, 2017

This is my three year old grandson, who seems to have taken over my sketchbooks. He saw me colouring and asked if if he could help me. Well what could l say?? First of all, in my black and white sketchbook and then in my small handbag sketchbook!!!! 

I had down these flowers but he coloured the one on the left in. Not bad for a 3 year old, in my view.

In this image, he had drawn round his own hand ... this is amazing for a three year old l think.

This was me having fun and doodling!

Then he wanted to paint with me, in my Art Studio. We had great fun together.

It was really lovely to watch him paint. He decided to paint my husband and got busy on it. He only painted Tony's head and when l asked why, he replied ; " Because there was no more room on the paper for his body and legs!"  Logical! So l give him another piece of paper but this time portrait instead of landscape. He started again. Then we talked about the right colour for my husband's trousers .... so then he experimented with mixing colours. My husband's trousers were actually deep red but my grandson painted them brown and told me : "They are not the right shade Nanna but it is nearly the same colour" ... cute.

I have spent a lot of my time recently drawing. Why ... because l didn't really have much space to paint or so l thought.

Then l realised that if l re-arranged my studio ... l could put one of my easels up and paint again. Simple. I just needed to be still for a minute and accept letting go of "stuff". Once l accepted that fact ... life became a lot simpler. Never thought l would ever be able to let go of my "stuff"  but if l can ...  ANYONE can!

Just a reminder of my last two painting ... learning to paint and approach my painting ... differently.

This my next painting in progress ... Watch this space. I am also learning to paint over and rub back parts of my painting. l finding it very liberty rather than scary, like l used to feel.

The next few images are giving me some wonder ideas for work. There is something so simple but beautiful about this illustration, l think.

A gorgeous white fungus. Stunning.

Can you guess what this is?  It is the kernel of a Mango stone. Beautiful in my view.

Isn't this orange colour beautiful?

Till next .... enjoy your life and keep on painting. xx

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