Thursday, June 01, 2017

My dad, daily images, drawings and white feathers!

Evening everyone. For the 5 days Dad was in hospital, l walked past this funny site. They are metal penguins dressed in wonderful knitted items ... more things added everyday. It was knitted and created by a company called Storm. Cheered me up for a few minutes each day.

While l sat by Dad, who was speaking or communicating in any way, l did some drawing. These are some of the drawings and stencils l created. very calming.

This was my father when he received the Sword of Honour, going from Airman to Officer in the RAF. I was so proud of him, especially as he was not that young! :)

Another thing that kept me going when my dad was ill and then looking after my mother ... was this beautiful piece of Nature. I discovered the lady that lived in the house next to this tree ... died. Her husband started planting these bulbs, in her memory. What a lovely story.. 


Just think this scooter is so funny. But l have discover the owners of this vehicle are actually being illegal. They should only be used on private land unless licensed or so l am told!

This little white feather has been the start of my next project. I found it on one of my daily walks round Rustington. I took it home and showed my mum and from what she said, started off my new project!!!! Many, many years ago l was told that finding white feathers, meant you have a Guardian Angel watching over you. What had annoyed my mother was this .... l was finding 4 or 5 feathers, at least, a day and she never sees any! She called me a Goody two Shoes and l was just too good to be true! So l started thinking about how l could use these feathers l was collecting, small and large ones, to create a piece of Art. I suppose just wanted to prove something but l am not sure what!

I thought of creating a painting or a collage but nothing seemed right. Collecting feathers every day seemed to be a calming influence on me. One day as l walked out of the front door, having had a huge argument with my mum, a white feather floated down in front of me. I couldn't believe it! :)
Even when the weather is not good, walking on this stoney beach is always interesting. I had always thought the only beach that was interesting one, was a sand one. BUT oh no! I have discovered the joy of stone beaches.

So what have l decided to do with with my white feathers? Find out tomorrow.

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