Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dad,my grandchildren, Art, being a carer and stones!

Being an artist can be quite difficult in oh so many ways. When l have an idea ... that is all l can think about and who needs to eat anyway? BUT if you are married to someone who is not an artist and on top of that is very tidy ... not good. It does not help that l am not a tidy artist! 😏 I am very lucky that my other half is so forgiving and has been for the last 44 years !😎 He comes to most art shows, galleries and museums with me. When l did my Art Degree, at the age of 50, he helped me with all my work and my research ... bless him. But we do have one problem ... he cannot understand how l can be so "absorbed" in my art project over the rest of my life! Most artists will know exactly what l mean. Now he is retired, it is even harder to deal with. I am not moaning about my other half ... just trying to work out how best to deal with the " problem". Oh the joys of life .
This image is one of the reasons l smile most days. He is my first "birth" grandson , who lives in Australia.

Another of my joys is this young man. He is my three year old "adopted" grandson and he is so cute. Long story but he also helps to keep me sane!

Nature plays a huge part in my artistic life. The colour of flowers, trees and so much more. I carry my camera with me every where. When we go on walks, my husband often walks off ahead of me because he is fed up of waiting for me. Ha! We decided that on some walks ... l will not take images!😏 I then go out on my own, with the intention of collecting images for my work and to add to my photograph research files.

Feathers have always been quite an important part of my life. The thought of these feathers showing me, my Guardian Angels are looking after me and keeping me safe and sane. While l was looking after my parents, the death of my father and then the aftermast has been VERY hard. The relationship l have with my mother is NOT good, which has made coping with her difficult for me and inevitably my husband. So seeing a white feather and some days many white feathers, became so important to me. 

The white feathers have caused me many hours of thinking, drawing and thinking more about my next project.  I have lots of ideas, lots of drawings and now l think l know what l want to make. BUT l am still not yet ready to say what that will be.
I have been cleaning out a lot of drawers, cupboards, a loft and so much more, since my dad died. Loads of photo's, letters and some of my old art work. I found this pirate l created on a Scrapper Board, aged about 10 ...  54 years ago!!!  Does it remind you of anyone?

 To have a break from the atmosphere in my mum's house and all the arguments we were having ... l went for walks on Rustington's stoney beach. I came across loads of heart shaped stones .

And also loads of stones with holes all the way through them. Just think how long it took to for the water to work all the way through ... amazing!

I also found" this " on the beach and l have no idea what it is or was! 

I found the beach to be a wonderful place to turn off my mind and just "be". Just what l needed to help me during this time of being and learning how to be a Carer!


liniecat said...

Lost dog? Eeuuwwww
There are lots of holey stones on north beach at Bridlington, they fascinate me too.
My Dad passed before my Mum and I know exactly how you must be feeling.
My Mum was a paranoid schizophrenic and most of the bizarre and crazy ideas she had
blighted my childhood and almost certainly explained my struggle with low self esteem and depression.
Mum and I had a fraught relationship, she insisting Dad was all manner of things from muderer and that the FBI were following me and the KGB might kidnap me!
Dad left a note asking me to do my best to look after Mum and I truly tried, but it was fraught and stressful for me, coinciding with when my husband left the children and I! Lol
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger?
Take care of yourself and use your art as therapy ... and keep all knives locked away!

Terriea Kwong said...

Seems I haven't heard from you long but I know more about you after reading this post. Very touching life. You've a very tender better half and sweet family. Sometimes some private time being alone to admire nature of clear the mind is great.

Emma said...

tricky, isn't it? You're doing great chanelling your thoughts into your art, your own way. I guess it does exclude others (that's what it's meant for 'own' time!) & is good to have specific time with your patient other half. My mum comes out with all sorts & i've had to learn to step back a bit x

Dayna Collins said...

Lovely to see your photos and to read about where you are right now in your art life. MORE. I would love to see more of your posts and your art.