Monday, July 17, 2017

My gym walk!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, l walk this route to get the bus, to go to the gym. I love this house and over the years, it has just got greener and greener and greener!

Across the road and look what l saw on the path. Looks like it could be a piece of a skull !

All along this walk there are alternate routes .... which path would you take ?

So many possibilities!!

The blackberries have suffered this year, through lack of rain. They are so much smaller than normal.

Lots of lovely colourful leaves on the walk.

Then l am out of the woods and suddenly there are roads and houses!

Isn't this beautiful? Some flowers are beautiful even when they have died.

I noticed this bee doing acrobatics ... such fun to watch.

One of the gardens l go past has a fig tree growing in his garden. There is quite a lot of it hanging over the fence. Luckily for me.

I broke off a leaf for some printing. l felt awful that all this sap started to pour from the stem . :(

Every year this plant is just so beautiful, it really cheers my day up.

Goodnight and have a goodnight's sleep. x

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