Thursday, March 02, 2006

CCTV camera's discuss!
The sun is shinning and it's snowing! Very Weird. I have been back in the U.K for about 7 1/2 years (can't be that long!!) and l still haven't got used to the weather. I don't honestly remember it being so changeable or maybe l'm having a "senior moment" as my children say!
Anyway, back to the CCTV camera's. Had a response back from a man in Canada who said they don't have them. Just think...some where you aren't under the camera all the time! If anyone is reading this out in the big wide world and you have NO CCTV camera's... let me know. Also send me any images you have if funny or just weird.
Since starting this project l have been looking at CCTV camera's, as you do, and didn't realise how many makes and models there are! What an exciting life l lead!
Must admit, no matter that l am being watched and being the watcher at the same time (if you see what l mean?), the "Smile" notice with the CCTV camera on this double decker bus,(one of the images on today's blog) always makes me smile. Clever people these Bus Companies.
Well art work calling, also husband due home in an hour or so, no housework or ironing done...and l don't know what we are having for supper.Better go and act like a wife/ does one do that?


Anonymous said...

mainly this cctv camera is used for security purpose, and we can use this for fun also....


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Lynda said...

hi..glad you commented on my CCTV images. where are you from?