Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Taking images again!
I was asked yesturday if l was still taking images out on the street? I have just started this project up again and intend to start to put it on the web! that's a challenge in it's self. How to make my own web site?! Any advice out there? My tutors at art college think the project is finished...l don't agree.
The images into days blog, are from the first series and show just how red stands out in your images. These images were not cropped or altered in Photoshop.
I know a lot of people l talk to think that what l am doing is scarry and are worried l might be attacked. I know there is a chance of that but the two occasions that it has started to happen, l have calmed them down. (In fact had them discussing my project). I know there may be a time when talking isn't enough..but you can't live and work in fear all the time! Deal with it when it happens. And as l lived in places such as Papua New Guinea, l think (!) l am pretty street wise and aware of putting my self in deliberate danger.
Work is calling. Have a good day and talk to you later.
Oh! Happy Pancake Day.


ECarr said...

Your pics are great!
We do not have mny cameras in public places yet, i am certain thay will come.
The pics of the people on the streets are very good and quite natural, because they are not posed pictures, it gives them a very unique perspective.
Well Done.
Thanks for visiting.

creek said...

Nice pictures. I can feel your life must be very colorful. Thank you for your comment on my blogsite, I agree with you, you must be a very nice person.I will always visit your blogsite.

NWIAO said...

Simple yet suprisingly eye catching photos, hope the peopel don't mind being clicked!!!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Thanks for posting on my site! I took a look at some of your photos. I loved the one in this post that is the girl with the red coat next to the red wall with her "red" (angry) look. :)