Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Feet".Some more images from my "Feet" project. Yes...l know l notice and record the stangest things. This is often said about me. BUT that is what makes life interesting! Open your eyes to whats all around you and see what happens. These images come from Barcelona, Paris, Rome and all over the U.K.


Clovr said...

Love the feet! What a great idea.

In the second picture down, the sandals with the green is haunting. To me it makes me think of a scene from a horror movie where the person was killed and the scene cuts to just the feet, coming out of the shoes, then fades to black.

(If that makes no sense, keep ing mind I've been told I have a vivid imagination.) ;)

Whitewhitch said...

This was taken on an underground train in Barcelona. The guy looked as though he was the walking dead. Couldn't believe he was real. So your idea isn't weird at all.! Thanks for coming back to my images. Nice to know someone out there is watching!