Saturday, March 05, 2011

Just a walk....

A quick visit to my bundles...looking interesting..only a few more months to go!

I really don't like rain, l know we need it for the plants to grow but when l saw the raindrops on the leaves ...l realise l don't hate it that much!!
Also rain means that the oil or petrol mixed with the rain..really brightens the roads up!!!
Walked past this car that really is what l would call a baby carrier! There were toys stucked to the window, toys stuck to the back of the chair, toys hanging from the ceiling and books on hangers from the door handles!! A very well entertained baby....and l bet it still cried!Hax
Saw this pair of trainners at the bus stop...l bet you could see him in the he doesn't need a torch!
Love this hat! I think it is called a Pork Pie hat....are they meant to be that small on a normal head?!
These are the beautiful tiles that are laid in a part of our Libary floor, funnily enough they are only out side the toilets!

As l was walking  l saw these shadow on a house.  Really spooky but beautiful.
I think the shadows and lines on this plastic roll down blind look like writing.
Spring has started....Hooray!!!!!!!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Pretty pictures Lynda, as always.

I don't like rain either. After living in Oregon all those years (where the climate is very similar to yours) I am tired of it.

We need it here in Florida but I can't help selfishly rejoicing when it's another sunny day!

Tin Can Tart said...

I love all the photos as usual but the shadows on the house are super