Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saddness but then a happy Walk!

Hello fellow Artists and Followers of my blog.
Yesterday morning, Tuesday, I was on top of the world. I had been accepted to show in a Local Art Exhibition in our town Shopping Complex. Then I accepted a very nice space, in a new gallery with 4 other artists from this coming Saturday! Yippee...Panic! Need to frame some silks by Friday. So, off to Ikea to get some nice but inexpensive wooden frames, which is better than £120 for one frame which I was quoted earlier! Took ages to check silk pieces with frame size, colour etc.. We finished then took one hour to reach our flat. That is when disaster struck. No blue bag with about 12 silks and 2 phones in!!!!!! Panic phone calls, dash back to Ikea... They have been taken. Don't know if I want to cry, be angry or just feel totally stupid. In fact I feel all of them! The reason I had BOTH phones in the bag was because I had to take them back to the phone shop, because of problems with one of them. Otherwise, I would still have my old phone but not my NEW one. Unfortunately new one was in between insurance!!! NOT A GOOD DAY!!!! Apart from the hassle and the money angle, it is the time and effort I had put into those paintings. Oh well, hope whoever has them gives them to some one who will love them.
That is enough of my moan, l will now talk about last weekend spent with my son Andrew , his wife Gemma and Alfie!
This is the first time that l have been on a very long walk with Alfie. It was great fun and l had a good work out at the same time. This walk with and amongst the sheep was fantastic. 

 This image could be a scene representing one of Gainsborough's paintings many years ago. Nothing changes much in some farms in Rutland..

 This is an image of my son, the professional photographer, at work...helped by his ever faithful assistants.
 There are many of these small holes around here and Tony thinks they are more than likely made by shrews.
On this walk we found some amazing trees and l love the greens. Very velvet looking.
 These lichens are really beautiful. Might do some wrapping of branches next time l am up in Rutland.

 These are the first violets l have seen this year and for many years actually when l think about it.

 I was watching the swans in the lake when one of them took off, straight over my head. Wow what an experience. The "whoosh" noise that the wings made while going low over my head, was breath taking.

I love feathers but with the added water drops on is gorgeous.
A sad thing now. I kept coming across dead seagulls..mystery!
Love bullrushes...just bursting out!
Aha!!! maybe this gives us some clue about what is happening to the seagulls!

Alfie decided to go for a swim........can you see him? We were a little worried as he seemed to just keep going. Remember he isn't a year old yet!

It was a struggle for him but he manage just to get back. Tony and Andrew were both getting ready to take boots off and go after him..bless!

Anyone know what this is? It appears to be growing from the trunk but feels and sounds like stone!! Very confusing.

We came across this barn full of hay bales..which the two dogs enjoyed and provided us with some good photography opportunities.
Alfie decide to try climbing up the bales..such a character.
Which end is which and l wonder what he was after? I later discover Andrew had put a treat down the hole to get this image!Ha
The other day, as many of you may know, the moon was larger than it usual is at this time of year. I didn't get a big image of it but l really like the image l took.


Emma said...

omg I cannot beLIEVE you lost all your work! They tell us not to be precious about it but oh my. well, you tried, i'm sure I saw the lovely work you did it once you can do it agin. Maybe not by this weekend. ;( Could you make a garment or collage out of your lovely dyed cloth? or frame up (ahem!) some of your 'walking around london' photos for your gallery spot? Oh, just thinking of you!

lynda Howells said...

That is so sweet of you Emma..l am coping and l have done quite a few silk painting already and l am also using a few of my wall hanging..but l have to admit l am now tiredx thanks for caringxxlynda

Kathy said...

How terrible for you ... it really shakes you up when something nasty like that happens. All your hard work!

Love your photos .... as usual!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lynda I am so sad for your loss of all your beautiful work. And in awe of the fact that you can look on the good side and post pix this lovely drive