Monday, March 14, 2011

Visit to Affordable Art Fair and home again

I am blogging again as l am now feeling a lot better. Although it is still quite chilly, the Plum tree has started to blossom..lovely.

The next image is to show the world that the UK can have beautiful " blue sky" days!
As people who know me will be aware, l love cranes and scaffolding. Just down the road on Putney Hill they have knocked down the old college and are putting up a block of flats.
Don't skeleton leaves look so beautiful. Nature is an amazing thing.
Oh boy..this purple is just so intense. Would love to find something that would dye this colour naturally! Now that would be a find.

Last week, l had a sudden urge to go and get my hair cut. In Putney there is a hairdressers called Tomato, isn't that a wonderfully random name? Just before l decided to do this l saw this guy and thought he was wonderfully dressed! Then, imagine my surprise when l am introduced to my hairdresser is the same guy, great fun and he is Polish.
Is there no stopping this man!!As my next door neighbours said..."Look out Jane Asher". For those who only know her as an actress, she also makes and decorates amazing Cakes !
Tony and l were not feeling that good on Friday but we went to The Affordable Art Fair (AAF) because we wanted to compare prices etc. for my own Art Practice. Having used the "Overground" route, it was only a few mins walk to Battersea Park, were the Fair was being held. This is one of the doors we saw on our walk to the Park......good house keeping going on here! Ha!
This statue is in the Park...A War Memorial but for some reason it really freaks me out. Not sure why. I think it might be something to do with the eyes!
The sign to tell you where the Art Fair is! Not exactly small is it?
This "Green" sculpture was at the entrance to the Fair. I really loved watching the wheel spin  and the spheres twist in the wind.

Urban Nature along The Thames.

Bird in flight in front of Chelsea Bridge, London. If you click on this image, l hope you can see the iconic Red London Bus on the right-hand side of the bridge?
Can you see the ducks on the shingle beside the Thames?
I thought these flowers were so delicate and the colour is just so rich. Must find out the name of the plant in case l  ever have a garden!
As we were walking along the Thames we saw this Refuse Barge slowly coming towards us.  It came up to another barge and we just thought it would carry on but we were a bit concerned when they appeared to be getting VERY close to each other.
Then the Refuse Barge started to turn round and go back in the direction it had come from! It was not the easiest manoeuvre but was carried out with great skill, in my opinon.

If you look closely you will see one of the men, on the Refuse Barge, throwing a thick rope to a man on the stationary barge. That is quite a throw!
Two barges now connected. I was fascinated to watch this whole operation and now l  am wondering how long they will stay here and then where will they go?

I have never seen Battersea Power Station from this angle before but was only able to get two and a bit of the four towers in!
We have large rats in London..hence the size of this trap!
Interesting front door and love the letter-box.
On our way home.."Mind The Gap!"


Emma said...

What a wonderful trip along the Thames! Love your commetary, too & the same goes for the post below.

Will we see your hair? or any art from thr AAF? ;) I know, I'm greedy, glad you're better!

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

I always feel like I had a real visit to your side of the pond with your lovely photos.....and also, wanted to say how totally terrific it was to meet you in person that day so long ago - last June, I guess it was. Come to Denver one day and we will wander the city here and take pictures of cowboys!!!!!

Sallie (FullTime-LIfe) said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better -- I loved the tour, every bit of it. Well, maybe except for the rat traps (I mean they were OK, it's just the thought of what's in them.) Honestly, those must be really big enough to pull Cinderella's carriage.
(If you ever do go to Denver (I just read the comment above) be sure to have your friend take you to Boulder too -- lots of great picture ops in that nearby city as well!!!

lynda Howells said...

Emma.yes when l get a good image of my hair will post it..promisex
Arty Em so glad to hear from you again thought we had lost touch. How is Denver and are you enjoying it?xx hope to see you and the cowboots one day too.x
Hi sallie.. I am fine now thanks..will catch up with you soonxxlynda

lynda Howells said...

oh l forgot to say Emma..l was not allowed to take images inside the AAF... but then later l was told l could but then it was to late because l had to leave..sorry!xx