Saturday, April 02, 2011

The day in the life of this Artist!

I thought l would show you what l have been doing over the last few days. 'The life of an Artist'..well this one anyway!!
Most of you know how great l think my hubby is but believe me he has gone way over "Fantastic" this time. He sat and completed all my frames. he typed out all my cards, price list and my Artist's Statement. He has earned himself many brownie points.

 As always l just cannot be tidy! Is there any hope for me?
 And here it is ...all "hung" up. Whew!
 Here are the pieces........"Spirit Faces".
"Noah's Ark"
 "Let your imagination go wild".
 "Hi" of the three wall hangings.

 One of the squares of the mobile.

 Another of the squares of the mobile.
 Another of the squares of the mobile.

 The rest of the Gallery.

 Panic...panic....people interested in some images off to IKEA by tram to get some more woodem frames.
I recognised where to get off by spying "The Towers"!
 Although it was a nice day with blue skies...see how strong the wind was!
 I love these light shades but only in THIS situation.
 This is the silk l started last night so l could paint today in the Gallery.
These are the Buisness postcards Tony made up for me this morning and then l added the silk pieces. I am really pleased with them. They were well received by customers today.
I was painting at my table in this corner and people were really interested and thought it was a wonderful idea.
I bought myself a standing folder at Atlantis Art Shop in Whitechapel for my loose paintings. I found it really useful and l am so glad l bought it.

I had finished this Noah's Ark by the end of the day. It was great talking to customers, children and other artists and just soaking up the atmosphere. I really miss with future clients!
 This is how l left my little piece of the gallery this evening.

 My "Happy Fish" hanging in the front window of The Gallery.

 Look what l came home to tonight!xx Isn't nature wonderful? Night all...


Emma said...

First what a fabulous DH you have! 2nd, can't believe you caught up so well with your paintings after the others were stolen. The gallery space looks brilliant. It's always good to work on sight, that was an impressive piece to work on tho, I usually take cards ;)

Kathy said...

I love your work, it's so vibrant and colourful! Well done for getting everything sorted out in time!