Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visit to Whitechapel and Brick Lane areas of London - Pt 1

Yes l know ..some of you are asking "Why?" to the first image. Well...firstly,... l have a project on the go about "things" on yellow lines. Secondly,... also, it is such a colourful image to start a blog with!
The rest of these images are from my day in Whitechapel and Brick Lane areas of London. If you have never been, you should as it is an amazing area and the food is great! The first two images are from my walk to Atlantis Art Shop... Great place for Artists to spend many hours in! Isn't this mural great?
This is what happens when there are no gardens or outside areas to hang your washing in and tumble dryers are too expensive to run, Drying clothes on the walkway outside your flat's front door. Shame.
These buildings remind me very much of certain buildings l saw in Amsterdam!
In Paris, we were always coming across doors like this and the interesting images beyond. This one had the most amazing mural on one wall which you can just see.
The mural was quite old l think and in need of some tender loving care...shame it has been left to get in this state.

This is a gorgeous pattern which was formed by the sun coming through the window of the wooden, carved door.
This next image is through the window of a very colourful shop selling embroidered coats and turbans, the sort worn for Indian and Pakistani weddings.... Beautiful.
This was a mural that had been made from paper cut-outs and paint. Quite delicate and colourful but in a state of decay now.
Saw this next painting from a distance and it was stunning. It covers almost the  4 storey high building. Would love to have seen them creating it.

Love this image of a decaying wall. Texture and colour all in one image..magic!
Quite unusual and slightly weird poster images!
This is the open air 'backside' space of a cafe!

Weird......! Sign seen stuck on a brick wall!!!

The above image: This elegantly dressed young lady was very keen to obtain this bobbin (going rate on ebay for use as a coffee table... £80 ish!) but was stopped by a workman who insisted it was still needed! One "not happy" young lady. Can you see the beautiful tattoo on her ankle? And, believe it or not, she rode off on a bike!
This mural can be seen for miles. It is very interesting and the bottom section is changing all the time.

These 3 paintings are amazing, l think. Great pieces of Art.
No comment!
Last two images are just amazing. Wonder how long it took them to spray-paint them?
Don't you just love the sense of humour involved in the car in a glass case idea?!

More next time!x

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