Monday, April 18, 2011

There and back again... a Sunday outing!

Well, as promised on an earlier post... my favourite visitor to my exhibition. Miss Smiley herself, Adeena!!

On Sunday, Tony and l went out  for a drive and ended up in Woolwich. Here is that journey in image form!
We started off from our garage and l was surprised to see the flowers on the bushes seemed to have blossomed overnight. I think they are even deeper blue this year.

This is Vauxhall bus-station and it has won many awards for it's design. I think it looks very American and also looks as though it could be a ski jump. I can see why many people don't like it.

This vehicle is called a DUKW and is an amphibious vehicle taking visitors to sights on and around the Thames. It looks fun doesn't it?
Don't you just love spirals?
Can you see the racing bike and rider in this image? Clever isn't it?
Boiling hot day, sun shining and this woman has boots and a thick woollen jerkin on!! Definitely her own style though... great.
Battersea Power Station look- a - like! Also love the branches..very alien looking don't you think?
This orange bike is a memorial to someone who was killed at this junction. I have not been able to see who, when or how but it is all very sad.
Just when you thought it was safe...they are every where again... ahhhhhhh. Meerkats rule!
This was what was on the other side of the road to the Meerkats.....a very weird and quirky shop. Looks a lot of fun!
Waiting to get on the Woolwich ferry! We had never been on it before, so thought "why not?" and it's free as well!
Loading time. Only one ferry working today as it is Sunday, so the process was a little slower than normal.
We felt very hemmed in when a HUGE container lorry was parked next to our little mini...
The funny thing about this image was when l took it l did not see the blue marks on the tower block. I asked Tony if he was aware of the blue pattern and he admitted he hadn't either! Very strange.
This very interesting looking compound was the "London Teleport Station". Very M15 stuff!
Um wonder if they ran out of money before they got to installing the window frames and glass for this house?
We decided to go and find the park that is a viewing point for The Thames Barrier. This is the sunken garden part of the park. l think it is gorgeous.
We felt we were back in Safa Park in Dubai, many years ago. Even the late afternoon heat felt the same. Bliss and happy memories.
And here it is...The Thames Barrier. l think it is fantastic to look at as well as the job it does of hopefully protecting London from Tidal, flood surges!
Isn't it a sad country we live in when signs like this have to be put up to keep dissuade thieves from compromising people's safety!
The beach......
The pebbles.......
Tony looking at the Thames Barrier. Please note... The man bag!!!
A child's chalk drawing.
I was very upset years ago when l never got to actually stand on the Wobbly Bridge by Tate Modern before they "mended" it and it became stable... boring. Well l have found a replacement. This bridge wobbles and it is amazing fun!!
Cool mini!
Some of the wonderful architecture in and around London.

The mess and clear up of the aftermath of The London Marathon.
A very green emergency staircase!!!
This interesting sculpture forms a part of a wall to a primary school. The wavy line represents The Thames river running through London.
An unusual view of "The Shard" being built ever taller! As you may have guessed from the name, the exterior of the building is encased in panels of glass.
Yet another view of "the Eye"! Love this structure! Can you see the empty capsule?

This building is by Waterloo Station and l love driving round it because the coloured panels catch the light differently depending on the time of day.


Mary said...

AS usual I love all of your photos but in particular the DUKW we used to belong to the military vehicle club.
We owned 2 second world war vehicles and a friend of ours had a DUKW in which we went up the FEEDER river in Bristol. Very brave as we did not even know if it was watertight.

Emma said...

What a fabulous trip across a part of London, love your eye. We were on that ferry a few years ago - a strange/different bit of the London I knew. Lovley little gallery visitor & I'm so broody (for grandchildren!!!) but I'm too young & so are they!

lynda Howells said...

yeh l am very broody for g/children but my two are too busy enjoying life!x lynda

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fun post -- I missed your earlier reference somehow who that lovely child is.

We went to Woolwich and walked all around -- Bill was eager to see the Thames Barrier; I didn't even know what it was but I loved the way it looked. We saw the garden and some of the other things you posted about; thanks for the great memories! And the beautiful pictures.

Lynda Howells said...

Sallie...she is my sort of adopted grand-daughter! Her g/parents are all in Pakistan... she is 8 months old and gorgeous!
Emma...l am so broody too but my children are too busy having fun!!x
Mary your story made me gigglexx