Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2nd part of our time in Jersey.

Now we are on the little train and it is such fun! I cannot believe we never went on this when we lived here! It is such a "slow" way to see part of the island and in comfort too. Maybe it was too Touristy when we lived here!Ha!

 From this image of the tree you can see there is a lot of wind on this island!
Couldn't resist taking this image of these two chairs...didn't know that Katie Price ( Jordon) lived on Jersey!!!!Remember the thrones in her wedding to Peter Andre? Not that l normally follow that gossip!!!!..Honest.
Isn't this sand castle great? l think there was a guy trying to get people to give him money..but not sure.
The train journey ended at St. Aubin which was the original port l believe before they developed St. Helier in the Middle Ages. Can you see the Swan Figure Head? I think it is fantastic.
There are a series of Art Studio's here but unfortunetly they were closed when we arrived in the late afternoon. One thing l did see was a series of 5 ( l think it was that number) what l would call, "Beach Rubbish" paintings. Really interesting but sad images when you think what the painting are made up of.
 Down in the harbour we found this family of Doves. After watching them for a while l realised they were mum,dad and a baby. The baby kept pestering mum to fed it and she was not that forth coming. Quite fun to watch.

 Do you remember the children's programme..Bagpuss? This cat looks just like him..fierce or what?
This and the next image are of a dead tree that had been carved where it stood..fantastic.

This must be the prettiest car park anywhere and it was such a pleasure to walk though it. Loads of flowering bushes and unusual grasses.
Outside the car park we found this "Cobweb" bush!Ugh! It reminded us of the spider's web that we came across when in Papua New Guinea. That one was spread across the gap between 2 trees which must have measured around 2 mts wide, 2 mts high and 2 mts long...full of thousands of small spiders. Glad it was not something we saw often!!!!

This sculture is called "The Jersey Girl" and swings wildly in the wind and was very hard to try and get a good image of.

This was the tidest bus station l have ever been in! You sit and wait and then when the bus arrives...the door slowly open and lets you enter. Weird!
Catching a bus the long way round the island to visit the Jersey Zoo, which is now called Durrell's Wildlife Trust. And l am ashamed to say that the 3 years we lived on the Island, we never caught a bus!!!
One thing l was pleased to see on the island were loads of "Meadow's", something l don't remember when l lived here.
 This image is what Jersey is famous for....Jersey New Potatoes.
The entrance to the Zoo! It is so much bigger than we were here 20 years ago, which we now realise was just the beginning of something special.

 The place has wonderful plants as well as all the animals, birds and insects that the place holds.
 Think this image shows you again how windy this Island is!!
There were buildings to go into where the birds were flying all around you..wonderful experience. Just look at the colours of this bird. They had created the jungle just as it really is, even down to the humidity...bought back many memories..arrr..heat!

 The children love funny!
 Can you see the frog?
This blue frog was quite difficult to take an image of but he looked just like a piece of porcelin and also seemed to shimmer.
 Then there were yellow frogs......

 and a yellow snake to match.
 Can you see the chameleon?  Took me along to find it and it really did change colour as it moved around.
 I can't remember what these plants are called but l know they collect water.
 Ugly Iguana but cute at the same time!!! Saw huge ones when we lived in Nassau in the Bahamas.
A very beautiful green and yellow lizard.
 Love this idea they have in the Meerka's enclosure....who is looking at who?
 Cute creature's aren't they? So famous now because of the TV adverts.
 Think this is a wonderful idea...a bird nest that you can see into and not disturb the birds, eggs or chicks.
Gorilla's and more tomorrow.......night

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wonderful trip! Thanks for taking us along. (Would love to visit 'for real' but virtually is next best!) Too much beautiful stuff (in both posts) to comment on, but that Jersey Girl swinging statue is totally amazing -- you captured it well.

The wind blows like that most of the time on the Oregon Coast, but we still love it.