Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The first blog of my 4 days visit to Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Starting off our journey from the train station at Clapham Juntion....l love trains.
Here we are at Gatwick North Terminal and it was empty. I began to wonder if something had happened and no-one had told us!! Perhaps not travelling at a weekend does make a big difference!
Airborne..beautiful blue sky, clouds and the earth..beautiful.
This image should tell you that you are about to land on a pretty wealthy island.....!
Our hotel and the Marina in front of it, so beautiful and blue sky to boot.
The veranda infront of the Bar and this is where they held a BBQ and Live Music on Friday night. We did try to get a seat but the only free table was inbetween smokers, so we stayed in side.
In the Foyer there was a huge fish tank with some really great fish in it. I love watching fish and find it very relaxing. 
I had never seen white fish before and there were several in this tank . It was very interesting watching the fish being feed each day. The guy had to use a step ladder as the tank is so tall. 

Outside the hotel was a large metal tree scupture that is called "The Freedom Tree" and round the base is a beautiful poem.
The Castle on this island is called Elizabeth Castle and is always busy when it is Tourist Time on Jersey.
When the tide is out it is possible to walk to the Island, but far more fun l would think is to ride a DUKW  out to the island.
Read the sign on this image and then look at the next image........
I think the fish read the sign and realised they were safe in the Marina!Ha.
Rocks galore in Jersey!

There is a fish and a vegtable market in Jersey... lovely looking building.

There were never modern building like this or this colour when we lived here. They make me think of Amsterdam.
One of the things l noticed in just the first few hours here...were there was so many new interesting sculptures. Like this one which was created to celebrate The Jersey Cow.

This sculpture celebrates Jersey's Liberation Day.
Me being soooooo happy and excited being on a sandy beach much fun. BUT...I had forgotten the Jersey is always VERY windy!

There are so many different types, shapes and colours of seaweed on the island. Wish l could have bought some of it home but the smell might have been a problem on the plane and train home!

Beautiful beach and only 4 of us on it...bliss.
Amazing houses on the beach ....worth millions.
The following images are of the inside of a shelter we found on the beach....amazing images.
Leftt-side of the shelter.

Right-side of the Shelter.

One of the front door windows
The photographer.

This was on the beach and l thought it was great....may make it into a postcard.
Another of the many amazing houses on this Island..l have to win the Lottery!
On this Island there are no Bus Stop Shelters or sign posts..just the word BUS written on the road. Quite often you feel unsafe standing on one of these signs, on the actual road. Also most roads in Jersey are not very wide at all!!!

La Hocq Tower still attracts lots of visitors which is just around the corner from where we used to live.

This is the house we used to rent, when we lived in Jersey 20 years ago. It has been smartened up and also there is an extention on the left hand side of the house. It is just across the road from the sea and when the winds got up, the waves often used to come up and over our roof!!!!Exciting!
This is the sea opposite our old house. It is so clean and looks gorgeous and full of crabs and small fish.
Yet more empty beaches but you wait till the Summer and you will not be able to move on this beach for tourists

I don't normally like pink but l have to admit this is rather sweet.
"What crips"!

One of the beautiful images Tony took of the Marina in the early evening with the Ferry coming in.
Wind swept me!
The seating that has been put down on the beach, wasn't here when we lived there...great Amphitheatre though.
Great new (to me) fountain with a wonderful water feature that was great fun for children of all ages.

Look at the rubbish bins and tell me which country do you think you are in?

This is the little train that runs along the front in St.Helier, that we never went on when we were this time we did.. Look out for the next instalment on our great time in Jersey!! Hint..Jersey Zoo!!!!!

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