Saturday, May 07, 2011

A L...O...N...G blog about the Wedding!

This blog is a bit late but my days have been taken over by trying to get my exhibition up and ready with Wandsworth Artists' Cooperative. They invited me be a Visiting Artist in their show.
This is an unusual view of Putney Tube Station at 7ish on Friday morning.
The reason why the station is empty is because it is the day of William and Kate's Wedding  and it is an offical, "Bank" holiday.
This is a house in St. James's Park..isn't it gorgeous? It is like a house from a fairy tale  and l would love to live there, it also has a wonderful veg garden! (The cottage was put up in 1837 for the Park Birdkeeper and is still in use. PS - The Pelicans on the lake are descendants of a first pair presented to Charles II in 1664 by the Russian Ambassador!)
One of the first things you see is the Official Programme Sellers... They were all over the place but not pushy.
Then we started to see the crowds... Many people had camped overnight... Brave (at least hardy) souls.
 This is where we were standing, opposite Horse Guards Parade. This was the Parade ground before any troops arrived. There were spotters and marksmen all over the roof spaces.
This is the spot we decided to stand in. Tony was so clever to find this location, once the troops and cars arrived, the space was wonderful compared with the Mall where it was 15 rows deep already.
These two people were asleep in our area and didn't wake up until almost too late. Fancy going to sleep with your handbag exposed like that!
 This was my view... Great wasn't it?..
Very patriotic face painting.
 Don't you love the nail varnish and rings?

Large example of a tent used by people to sleep in the Park overnight. Do you admire this woman's dress sense? Ha
One of the many Royal Souvenir sellers around the place... Where do these hats fit with the Royal Wedding theme?
The children in the area were having an amazing time and behaving brilliantly. When you think most of them have been out all night camping... amazing. This little girl was having a wonderful time making up dances and being in a world of her own. Very sweet to watch.

 Some people really dressed up for the occasion.

Jon Snow, Channel Four TV presenter was there interviewing people. These children were a great find. They knew all about the wedding and who was who. They had no idea who he was but were having a great deal of fun.
 Being their own Prince and Princess for the day!
 One of the tents that a family with children stayed in overnight. They even collected their rubbish that is a sight for sore eyes in this day and age.
 One very clever mum who decided how to make sure her son was able to see the whole thing clearly even from the back of the crowd..
 The show starts... beautiful music (Per Tony, fairly well polished boots, not patent leather as so many foreign militarists use for ceremonial).
 If you love horses... you would have loved today. There were horses of all colours and kinds everywhere..
The Queen and Prince Phillip arrive. The Queen wore primrose and looked stunning, as usual.
This little girl is a picture of innocence and she was so excited at seeing a real princess.
As soon as an outrider appeared you knew something was about to happen. That and the claps and shouts coming fro the end of the road to our right!
Then the 'Princess to be' arrives with her father by her side... looking stunning.

The area across the road was kept free for Brownies, Guides, Scouts and other children's organisations.
The pickets for a Royal Honour Guard found from the Welsh Guards arriving to line the route for the Royal Wedding Procession back from the Abbey.
We even had a view of The Wheel.
On parade with The Welsh Guards.
Our own armed Police in front of our position. A sight we are not really used to on the streets of the UK, one l personally hope will long continue to be rare.

Drill Sergeant(?) checking intervals with his pace stick. He had to move a lot of Guardsmen as they had incorrect spacing! Someone's in trouble!!

Love the wig. This lady objected to us using our flask of coffee. Reason being we might spill it on someone and burn them!! No comment required!

Prince Harry with bridesmaids and page boys.
Love the uniform worn by the postillions of the Royal Coaches.

 The Royal Coach containing The Queen and Prince Phillip.
 This Coach contains the parents of Catherine but l was not able to see who else. (Tony suggests it is the other in-laws Wales and Cornwall, Prince & Duchess respectively)
Most of the guests arrived in a range Rover or a 'Jag'... the less fortunate Minor Royals and others in a bus.
This policeman has been distracted by a pair of shapely legs!
This is a sight you would not see in France... A completely covered woman... Glad she felt able to be here.
 Family unity.
 Why? one asks...
Men, ignore the backside... I love the trolley she used to carry all their things there to stay overnight.
These ladies looked so relaxed and happy but they seemed too far away from the excitement. Wonder if they did see anything or were there for just the atmosphere, which was amazing!
 I was surprised how many women dressed up as if they were actually invited to the wedding....amazing
 Beautiful, painted face.
 I was so glad l went to the loo before l arrived... the queues were quite long.
 Being smiled at by a passer-by!
 They had a great party it appears.
 See the green man in the background? there were several of them. This where we sat and had our picnic! It was great fun.

 Love this woman's hat!
 As l said before..some people really dressed for the day.
 It was a very stressful day!
 More dressed up women relaxing after the Wedding had finished.
 Another little princess having her day.
'Hooray Henrys' and 'Ruperts' enjoying themselves in Wellington Barracks while keeping the real world strictly behind bars.

 No comment!!!!

Evidence of a long day on stand-by!
 After the wedding... it's souvenir time.
Hope you enjoyed this... it is rather long but you might be glad l didn't show you all 425 images I took!


Mary said...

I think i have already commented on these wonderful photos elsewhere ?
But They are worth commenting on again.

lynda Howells said...

you saw them on my facebook pagexxlyndax

Emma said...

Wow, can't believe you were that close! I enjoyed it from afar thru the tv while catching up with the ironing - to justify the daytime tv! My DH just watched ;) did you see my red gold & black pennant?

lynda Howells said...

yes Emma l saw your pennant..l think l commented on it but if l didn't l thought it was gorgeous.xxI do the ironing in front of TV and also use it as a front to watch crappy pm TV!!!!It has always amazed me that our other halves seem to watch daytime t.v and somehow don't have to justify it to themselves or us!Hax
Must come and stay at your B&B one day soon and see your beautiful surroundings.xxlynda

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You saw it in person!! I am so impressed. Read several blogs, but yours is the first I've seen from someone actually there. Great pix. I enjoyed watching on TV (got up super early even). Your sweetie did snag a great spot. YAY for both of you!!!!!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wow, that is the longest post I have ever seen and pics too!!! Thanks for your comments today, how sweet are you! xox Corrine

alteredbee said...

Loved, loved, loved looking through your great photos. It gave me a very fun and candid tour that I would not have had otherwise. Thanks to Mary, I checked out your super blog.