Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another day wandering in London

As usual we start our journey by tube! I would rather travel above ground but sometimes it is quicker this way. One good thing about travelling this way is being able to "people watch"!

A great many people these days travel to work on a bike. It is a combination of train and tube prices being very expensive, the bombs in London and the "Green Movement".
This young man on his bike may not be around to celebrate his next birthday if he carries on riding his bike like this. The car coming round the corner missed him by about 2 inches!

Small people they must have around here judging by this sign!
Pity about the state of this house... it could be so beautiful.
Urban gardens!

If only l could have reached these roses that had been thrown out... but my reach was just... not... long enough... shame!
So delicate and beautiful but l normally see them in blue not this beautiful white.
These shoes were left out for the dustbin men to collect. Hope a homeless person or someone that needs them finds them first.
I love the colours but a person l know thinks the flowers are like faces and she is spooked by them!
I am not a cat lover but l think this cat's eyes are amazing!
Why can't people put their rubbish in a bin?
Health and safety would have a field day with this work-force!
My son will understand this... Oh look, a Hamster Pot!
The happy yellow door will lead you into a relaxing yoga centre!
Some of the "things" we saw in a small cafe we found, hidden away round the corner from where we hope my daughter's new flat will be! fingers crossed.

What is all this wearing socks with shoes about? If you were told at school to do this you would have rebelled!
Things l saw through the tube window on the way home....
Love this grumpy monkey!

Don't you just love this dog? But somehow l feel they should be pulling a sledge not on a lead in London!

Police outside the East Putney Tube Station..argh...must be a football match on!
One of the lovely plants that greets me when l walk into the gardens round my flat... bliss!


Mary said...

I do so LOVE looking at your photos Lynda.Thank you for posting them.

lynda Howells said...

thank you for looking at them. one of these days we have to meet for coffee and a chatx night

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Jealous, seriously! Why aren't I there?

Mikey said...

The bombs in London?!? Wow, I have lived in London for 20 years and have never felt that fear, even when there were actual bombs to worry about (see IRA)

lynda Howells said...

No Mikey neither have l but l know that there are reports that stated how many people now cycle rather go on the underground since 7/7..and bike sasles tripled after the bomb attacks. I am not afraid living here but it appears many are!!!
Sallie l have a bed!!
Thanks for your comments..great as alwaysxxx