Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The beautiful night sky and Alfie's trip to the Hydro-pool

On the way to see our son and daughter-in-law, these were some of the most amazing skies we saw.

The reason we we went up to Rutland was to help Gemma and Andrew move house. They are in the same lovely village ....just further along the street. This is how Alfie dealt with the move!
 This is Tony helping...can you see Andrew?
 Please excuse this image but this is how Alfie slept on our bed. Very elegant Alfie!
 This is their lovely new home.
 Alfie on his way to his session at the Hydro-pool...he LOVES it.
 Can you see the name of this Kennels and Cattery? Thorpe by Water Country  Club!
Alfie was SO desperate to get into this pool it was hard to actually to help him in. It was so funny to watch.

 " Oh which one do l pick up..can l manage all of them at the same time?" Don't you just love those eyes? Ha!

Alfie had been working really hard and now has  a life jacket put on to help to work his back legs. He loves it, you can almost see him smiling.

 The proud parents!
Being picked up out of the pool but unfortunetly he was picked up a little to near the base of his tail...Not a happy Alfie! He jumped back into the pool.
 "Oh thank goodness for the ledge..l can rest!Phew!"
 A very wet and tired Alfie leaning on the side of the pool, making his way to the exit point.
Alfie was so tired his back legs collasped when lifted out of the pool and had to be held up while being dried.
 A blow dried Alfie.

 Back on duty.


Kathy said...

Great sky photos ... and how much fun did Alfie have in that pool? My dog would love to swim somewhere like that. She seeks water out wherever we go!

Mary said...

Great photos does Alfie have hip problems?

lynda Howells said...

no he doesn't. he cut a tendon in his back paw which was quite serious. Luckily it has healed up far better than the vet though and there appears to be no lasting damage..thank goodness. thanks for asking.x lynda