Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ducks and chickens

These flowers are in my son's garden..l just love the two colours together.

These gorgeous ducklings belong to a friend of ours. They have the most amazing duckpond and loads of ducks and many of them have young! I was in my cute.

 Going off for their first swim, they were only 24hr old....isn't Nature wonderful.
These ducks are very pretty but unfortunetly they hadn't shed any feathers for me to pick up.
 So many ducks of all sorts of sizes and colours , all making so much noise.
 A little local battle going on.
This mum was really protecting her chicks and if anyone came near, she pushed them all back into the shed. They were really tiny and were only 4 hours fluffy.

 The little fuffy yellow chicks going for their first swim.
I thought all the chicks were yellow then l realised l saw a black and yellow one. It is great to be different!
 Wonderful white ducks with yellow beaks, just the sort you see in Children's story books

 The mother duck was very carefully moving her young further into the bushes as some of the older ducks were harrassing her young.

 The area of the pond and enclosure are could loose the ducks in here!
 Inside this cage and water pond are two different breeds of ducklings. One mum died and the other mum took them over. Isn't Nature wonderful?

 Home from home.
 Not stretching his wings but chasing off another male duck.
 Tony closing the electric fence round the enclosure....first time he got a shock...nasty!

 Our friends also have chickens.....they are all different, lay lots of eggs and are gorgeous. Here they are.


Martine said...

yes nature is wonderful... and so are the foto's you posted.
Thanks for sharing those little ducks, only looking at them makes me happy!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Nice picture story -- they are so sweet when they're little ;>) We had so much fun watching the baby robins at our son's!

Mary said...

You have one very lucky friend Lynda! I used to have chickens and then I rescued two geese which had goslings and were wonderful but terrorized the chickens.