Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am sorry l have not been blogging for a while but been very busy with artyfizz, my new studio. But l am back now...hello!
l have been so busy setting up and operating my new studio and workshop, that my Art has taken something of a back seat. But l have managed to do some eco-dyeing and am pleased with the results.

Last Sunday was Father's Day in Uk and our daughter came to visit. I was in the dog house because l forgot..sorry Dad. Our son and his wife are up in Rutland and were unable to visit us. Due to Tony's heart problem at the moment, we couldn't walk too far or go up any hills. So we went for a stroll on Wimbledon Common and had a tea at the Windmill. Luckily the weather was nice and we had a very nice gentle stroll.
Love the way part of the root system appears to be lit up...beautiful.

The yellow iris's are just begining to appear around the ponds on Putney Heath.

This is the first fungi l have seen in the woods this year....can you see the silver slime leading up to and over the fungi? Think it is a snail trail, it has eaten quite a few holes in the cap!

On Wimbledon Common there are always a few wigwams (dens) being built but this one seems to be really well built and has a piece of carpet in it. Wonder if it was children, a family or maybe teenagers?
Tony noticed this orange coloured fungi on a few fallen logs.
Some more dyeing! This is a piece of real thick felt l found and wondered how it would dye. Quite pleased with it. I soaked it in soya milk first few days.
These are large, square pieces of thick felt,  that were used originally to lay hand-made paper on to dry. I am trying to see how they take dye. I painted egg yolk on it before rolling and then boiling.

I am not a cat lover...l can hear the intake of breath from so many of you out there..Ha!....but l have to admit this cat is quite beautiful and she knows it too!

The cherries are begining to form on the tree, not many but ose that are......are beautifully formed.

Discovered the tree behind the my flat is an almond tree. Must find out if anyone on my Eco dyeing site had dyed with them or their leaves and what results they got if any.
As l went to have a shower saw this water drop pattern, from the shower head, just thought it was beautiful.
When we went to the Supermarket last night, l caught this sight on the side of the road. Could have been in Dubai all those years ago. So lovely to see the old crafts still in use.

Night. x


Emma said...

Love all the work you've been doing & the messy play with the kids (might just wrap myself up in a bit of organza to relax!!!)

See, if I'd done some dyeing with Ecalyptus when I had the tree I wouldn't be sitting here so envious of all those lovely patterns you're making. No sign of life from the stump yet ;(

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love the eco dyeing. I've been playing with nettles so the garden is so overgrown with them! Sadly the carpet man might have to work inside over the next few days!

Cath said...

I've missed your posts Lynda, but at least it's good to know that Artyfizz is going so well you don't have as much time for blogging! You are doing a wonderful job for the local little ones, and I bet they absolutely love it all.

Susan said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's funny that you aren't a "cat person" but found at least one to be interesting. I'm not a "dye person" but your photos make me want to try it! LOL! I'd have to get a hot plate though. I generally forbid myself from going into the kitchen or even claiming to understand the function of pots and pans. This has allowed me to simply enjoy Steve's cooking without ever having to help with it! He's in England now ... and I'm eating microwave pizza. Love the photos of the carpet man too!

Mary said...

I also have not found time for blogging,but I do not have your excuse of running Artyfizz.
I love the cat,she is beautiful,and as always you have taken such interesting photos.

Ruth said...

That's Kingston! Opposite Sainsbury's
I work near there.

lynda howells said...

Hello are right! I live in Putney! small world! I have just opened a small Art School for babies, children and adults in putney! lynda