Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Looking at Art on The South Bank in London!

On Saturday, I went up to London to meet Tony and see some of the Art stuff that was in and around The South Bank. On the way in I took this image from the train window. This amazing house has managed to stay, while all around it old buildings are being knocked down and new buildings being built. 
When I arrived at Waterloo Train Station I had quite a shock. It is being totally opened up and there are new bits appearing all over the place. Should look fantastic when it is finally finished.
 The Jubilee has gone to lots of people's heads!

"Does my bum look big in this"? moment I think! Tony, you are a wicked man!

 This is the first piece of Art I saw when I entered what is called South Bank. I had to get nearer as it looked amazing.

All of a sudden there was blue sky too! The piece is created from bits of disguarded wood and was made to try and make us think about what we throw away every day.

 Not sure what this was meant to be but children were looking at it, playing on it, in it and trying to climb it. We had a wonderful 'Eastern Mediterranean' meal at "Yallah Yallah" next to it.

 Flags everywhere!

A Jubilee Flag.
One of the art structures Tony wanted me to see was this "Tree of Life" or Baobab Tree, which is the oldest living species in Africa. Pirate Technics have designed and built this tree from stacks of fabric rings using materials from around the globe. Each fabric ring tells it's own story. The tree is 15 metres high and celebrates global creativity and diversity.

There were yellow triangle shaped buckets beside the baobab tree, for people to build their own sculpture(s).

 Just loved these over sized pieces of furniture made from grass .
 Guess what these people are watching?

They are watching the skateboards that normally use the space under the arches. What I find so sad is "they" (meaning The Council.....) have put up railings to seperate participants from the people watching them. Somehow it now feels like you are watching "animals" in a zoo.   

 Um... interesting sculpture... green colanders!

 How rules and regulations can make you smile... paint the wall bright yellow!

Can you see the building with the tower on it? That is a new structure overlooking the Thames that you can hire for the night... Will be great to watch the Queen's boat parade on Sunday! Very expensive though!
This is the gorgeous wild garden and veg patch that has been created on top of the Elizabth Hall on South Bank. It is really beautiful to sit and have a drink in; would be even better when there aren't so many people around!
 There was a very funny and slightly scary scarecrow in the veg patch of the garden. I have given you a close up image because I thought it was so great. Wonder who they modelled it on?

 Tony having a few, quiet moments with his iPhone!

 A future, budding gardener I am thinking!
 I love Bees.

 I wonder why these girls were dressed up as tigers... the mind boggles! Love the tail attached to the bottom of the girl on the right!

 The international food festival was full of people, wonderful smells and noise!

 These boats were made by children who had been spending time in The Haywood Gallery. They told me all about it. Clearly, they had had a great time. Apparently the rafts were already made and then the children made the sails and decorations.
We were tired but had a great day up in Town. 


Cath said...

Great images Lynda, so much to see everywhere in London, and I just love that Baobab tree! x

kimmie said...

what an amazing place! an eclectic day from start to finish!!! i love all the art! what a great day!

Carole said...

WOW what a time you must have had! I wish I could have joined you. The tree is beautiful.

lynda Howells said...

Anytime you wish to join me..l have a spare bed carole!x
Thanks Cath and Kimmie for your commentsx

Connie said...

Wow! What a marvelous adventure in street art. It blows my mind. I am your newest follower. Great site! Connie :)