Friday, August 21, 2015

Really "Seeing" things!

As some of you will know, l have had to shut my Art Studio for children. it has been a hard month or so but l am gradually getting there. Everything has been moved out of the studio, LOADS have been given to a voluntary organization called "Work and Play " ...  The Charity shops, around Putney, love me. The rest came home! Sounds easy doesn't it? No way. I have been having to get rid of the past 40 years of my "Art" life really. Then trying to fit what was left into my two bedroom flat! Ha! Anyway, l am still trying to sort out where everything goes ... i have still managed to have 100's of books, even though l seemed to give loads away! Um!! :) So l have not had anytime to create Art and this is killing me. So over the last couple of days, when l have been out of Doctor appontments and shopping etc .. l have used my phone as my camera. I am feeling a lot better!

I may be doing some voluntary work, for Age Uk and so these are some of the images l took, on that walk.

Then on Saturday, we celebrated our daughter, Jenny's, 40 birthday, by taking her out for supper and then on to see the Musical, " High Society ". It was amazing. I took a sneaky image at one point .... was in the interval! 

Then l tried to do a quick "selfie" of the three of us. Could someone please try to explain to me, why the writing on the poster, is back to front? very confusing!

Saw this interesting sticker, on a pole in Putney. Must admit, it made me giggle.

Then today, Friday,  l went to the hospital, for physio to my ankle.

Then on the way to catch the bus, to Putney, l saw these amazing cobwebs. The patterns are fantastic, l feel a project coming on.

While we were waitng at the busstop, l noticed this Art on the wall. It was about 12feet above me,. so difficult to see at the time but l think it is made of paper. But thinking about it since, don't think that is correct. If it had been paper, it would have been ruined in the downpour last night and early this morning! So maybe it is ceramic!  Wonder what it is all about?

 l was waiting for Tony, to meet up with me, in town, when l noticed these windows. I have lived in Putney for over 15 years and it is the first time l have really noticed them. So many straight lines , how could l have missed seeing them, for so long? Shame on me!!!

Don't you just love the colours of this dress?

We decided in the late afternoon, that we needed to go to Staples but instead of using the car, we would use the bus. How daring of us, you say!! Anyway, saw this grating outside the store and it made me smile. Although of course, my better half, walked straight past it!

Isn't this night sky gorgeous? Although "he" tells me it is quite normal for this time of year! :)

The end to a nice day.

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