Sunday, August 23, 2015

A day in Richmond Park !

Today ... Saturday,  we went for a walk in Richmond Park. Now that l am not working, full-time........ we can start to walk. At our age, in our 60's and my diabetes ... we need to get fitter and stay fit. It was a beautiful day, blue skies and warmth ... bliss.
When l first saw this piece of wood, l thought it was whole. then when l got nearier, l discovered it was in 3 sections. Wonder who created it? It was made up of many shades of browns and actually quite smooth to touch.

I love shadows.


We started off our walk at Pen Ponds, which are always full of ducks, swans and dogs!

The swans guard " their " area's fiecely ... as you can see. The two swans chased the other two swans across the whole width of the pond.

This is such an amazingly peaceful and beautiful place!

There be dogs!

There are such amazing trees and tree trunks here.

These were "on" the tree trunk ... I think they are some sort of insect nests!

Amazing cobwebs!

Rabbit hole .... come here early in the morning or late afternoon and see them. Beautiful. :)

Every tree deserves a pair of wings !

Can you see me ??

Views from inside this wonderful "home".

Just love this tree. I said to Tony:
" Look at that beautiful piece of Art"!
His reply!!!
"What  ...   that piece of dead tree"
Honestly! :)

Don't you just love these colours ?

The gardens are part of the Hotel in the Park. 

Isn't she cute?

I saw this tree and thought it was a rude sign ... where as Tony saw it as a huge catapault! ... um !

I love circles.

I saw this Jackdaw and it stayed right where it was l was able to take this image. I love these birds.

I am going to HAVE to create something, to hang in this cavity!  :)

Oh ... Winnie the Pooh's House!

Love this shape!

As my grandson would say "Oh Nana ... Owl's house" !

Oh ... a snake !!

All the droppings from the Oak Tree.

"Isabella Plantation" inside the Park.

As l said ... I love shadows ... but l must admit this was unintentional! :)

You know how l love circles and things that are round.

Love these colours.

The only flower on the whole of the tree!

I had never noticed this plaque before, in the water-steps, of the pond.

It is such an amazing place, this area inside Isabella Plantation,

Oh ... mice !

I saw this tree from a distance and just had to go and see it ! I was not dissapointed.

Just so amazing. :)

I call this the "Paper Tree" but l am not sure what it is really. Can you see the sap, on the right - hand side of the image ?

Tony thinks these are cherries but we are checking!

The last time l saw this tree, was in Yosemite, in USA. It is a Sequoia Tree. They can grow HUGE !

Donations ... if you want ... as you leave the plantation !

As Tony said ... " You have to pick up dog pooh and bag it ... why don't horses have to have the same done for them"? My comment ...  "They would have to be Big... black... plastic bags" :)

It was the most beautiful day.

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