Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rain, Rain go away!!!!

It was my parent's 64th Wedding Anniversary today, so we went down to Rustington, to take them to Lunch. But believe me ... the rain was like Monsoon Rain all the way down!

Then it calmed down a bit, so we were able to see the strawbales in the fields. These look small but believe me ... they are large!

Just before l reach my parents house, we pass a Hobbycraft Shop!!!!! How can l not stop!!!!
When l reached my parents house ... it had just stopped rainning.

 Look what l found ... I LOVE snails.

Then we went off to the Resturant, where l saw this sign and l had to laugh! 

On our our way home ... love this image.

I have tried many times, to try and catch an image of this sculpture. It was created to celebrate the 2012 Olympics, here in London.

Now l am home and about to start playing with my buys, from Hobbycraft ... yeh!!

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