Monday, December 12, 2016

A Memorial Service, Christmas cards and Westfield Shopping Centre!

Tony and l attended a Memorial Service last week for the husband of a friend of ours. He died suddenly and totally unexpected at the age of 67. Far to early to depart this world.

A sad death but a joyful Memorial Service, as he loved his music and parties. Their home was always full of music and stray musicians! There was musicians playing jazz and family and friends telling their stories about him. It was the first time l had seen a bar in a Church, for drinks after the service!

I found it very hard especially as he was the same age as my husband. Somehow if the person has Cancer or some other illness, you feel you have time to say goodbye. I don't believe it is ever easy but l think you are just a little more prepared for it. When it happens suddenly, there are no farewells, no last kisses or shared memories. That is why l always give Tony, my children or my grandchildren, a kiss goodbye because ... God forbid it ever happens ... but it maybe the last time l see them. I was really upset for quite a few days afterwards. Life is so fragile and it can be gone in an instant. So please tell your close ones you love then, never go to bed on a cross note and always say goodbye with a kiss. Even if they are teenagers and they get angry with you! 😊

On a happier note. Last week l designed my Christmas cards for this year. I really enjoyed creating them, using my Gelli plates and stamps. I always used to make my own cards but when l had artyfizz, somehow l never seemed to have time. So this year l was determined to create them and post them, on time!!! The images have not come out very well. The cards are much brighter and the gold, bronze and silver have not come out very well, on the photographs as l would have hoped. But at least in "real life" l am very pleased with them.  Here are a few of them.

So this weekend, Tony decided to write in them and address them for our family and friends in Australia and New Zealand. He had a little helper, who is 3 years old and also created his own cards! 😙

  Then when he had finished creating his own Christmas Cards ... he decided to colour in the colouring book, l bought a few weeks ago. He had such fun and l think he has done a great job.

On Sunday Tony and l went to visit Westfield ... never again! It was not the first time l had been there but boy has it changed over the last year or so. I know it is Christmas Shopping time but  the noise ...!!!  We arrive just as it was opening at 12pm ... empty carpark and an empty Westfield. We thought the decorations were gorgeous, the roof looked VERY interesting and the Ice Rink looked great with a dinosaur theme!

Then the crowds started arriving and everything changed. The rink filled up very fast and the music got louder and louder until you couldn't hear yourself think.

Isn't he cute ... the teddybear l mean! 😃 I will hopefully, never have to go there again!

On the way home .... the traffic was horrendous!

Crossing Battersea Bridge on our last leg home.

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