Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happiness, garage space and frost and ice !

When l was on the train the other day, l was in a bad mood. These two ladies got on and my mood instantly changed. Beautiful eyes and so much colour ... who could help but smile.

As many of you know we are down scaling the "stuff" in our flat. Hard emotionally but has to be done. 

A trip to the local tip!

And look .... the Christmas Fairy came and organised our garage for us!! :) Bliss!

The last few days we have had loads of fog and mist and tons of frost. Lots of photograph opportunities. Trying to catch the sparkle and also add images for my " Circles" project. So while l was waiting for my bus .... l took these images.

Ice forming on a car windscreen.

A blue plastic bag pulled on to a post.

Ice on the back window of a car .... so many lines l could"t work out what had made them. Interesting !

I can see loads of art projects forming from these images. :)

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