Monday, December 12, 2016

My week ... fun, beautiful items in a market , a Gospel Choir and some of my fun art!

Sometimes we take Oscar to Forest School, which is a great experience for children and cares alike! This particular day, Oscar and l were so excited to be painting with mud! 😀I taught him how to flick brush, dab with foam brushes and paint with sticks! We had so much fun!

These colourful ladies are one of the reasons l love London .... such a variety of colour, languages and cultures.


 We were on our way to Portobello Road Market, when these ladies joined the train. We hadn't been there for ages. The reason were were off there today, was to see a Gospel choir singing. Some of my daughter's friends were in the choir .....any excuse for a meal and chats with our daughter! 😙 This sculpture was just outside Nottinghill Gate Tube Station.

Swoon ... l have to come up on the Lottery ... SOON ! Just love these brass, silver and gold Arabic style handbags!

 The necklaces etc that were on display took my breath away. I could have bought all of them. Must curb this habit of mine ! 😀

Isn't this pure wool, white goat just so huggable?

Anyone for a hat? Any colour, any shape and any size!


 Apart from being a really interesting place to buy "stuff", this are has some very interesting buildings.

Love this sign on a building. I think it was an International school!

Thought this " graffiti " was fun but also very clever.

Very Picasso !

If l liked carrying and using umbrellas, l would certainly buy the one on the left. Why don't l like them? Well ... l am 5ft.2inchs tall and somehow that is just the right height to be poked by them, struck in the eye or have raindrops drop all over you, from the spokes! Is that a good enough answer?😉
This image makes me laugh. Mainly because this is the sort of equipment my husband would have used, for playing Rugby, when at school. It is now sold as VERY vintage .... 😏. Sorry Tony!

Believe it not this is a Paint Shop! Stunning window display.

The two following images are from inside the Church, were the Concert was to take place. The images are not very good, due to the poor light. But believe me it was beautiful.

The main Alter was stunning.

The only problem l had, was to stop myself giggling out loud. The decoration below the hanging cross where the two statues are placed ... looks just like a pair of underpants to me. I know, should be more respectful  in the house of the Lord ... BUT ... honestly! 😂

Now to some "playful" Art l have been creating. One page in my Flower Love Journal and one of the envelopes they were posted in. I am having such fun. I am doing lots of other "stuff' but have not taken images yet.

This envelope was decorated with the help of a very young but creative Grandson! 😘

Have fun creating ... till the next time.x

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