Thursday, February 09, 2017

One of my students work and some of the "stuff" that inspires me .

On Thursday after school, l have a new student. She is very sweet and used to be one of my students, from artyfizz. She is working towards making a book from start to finish.  Her subjects will be futurist "strange and mystical" creatures! But before he start smaking the book, she is going to be trying out new techniques and implements. 
Today we talked about using sharp pencils, wax crayons and oil pastels. What happens for example, when you use a wax or oil pastel and then cover it with water colour paint ? 

Then l got her to copy the small creature, she had drawn earlier but to cover the  bigger piece of paper.

Children l have worked with, often find it hard to fill the whole page. I think she managed very well.

Paint and oil pastels.

Adding water colour.

Finished piece. A practice piece before she starts her book for real.

Now for some images, l have taken to help inspire me. This is an image of leaves, hanging from my bedroom window. They have been caught in a spider's web but looked as if they are just hanging there ...  in mid air!

It has been very frosty over the last few weeks. Very cold but beautiful at the same time.

Frozen puddles!

Fallen log ... beautiful colours.

Greeted by this beautiful sight this morning.

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