Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A tidy studio ... don"t faint children ... and my new Art work!

Well ... it is quite a while since l wrote on here .... sorry. I have decided to try and use this blog to record my Art work. I have started recently, to think about the way l paint. I have spent time reading about how other artists start their paintings. Looking at loads of paintings, prints and drawings. I LOVE colour and that is another angle l am looking at.
Lets just take a few steps back ... my studio! Since l had to close my Children's Art Studio ( artyfizz), l  cleared it of 30 years worth of art equipment, some went home and rest to The Work and Play Resource Centre. After a lot of soul searching, tears and anger, my studio is now at home and a lot smaller and a hell of a lot tidier! Ha!

So now l have a smaller studio but oh so much tidier. I never thought l would say this ... " Less is more"! My husband still hasn't got over the shock of hearing me say that! :) Here is my first finish new painting, titled " My artist's brain"! 

This is my next finished piece titled " Transition".

And this is a piece in progress.

I have also been moving my lounge a round a bit too. I have had to get rid of loads and loads of my books and have managed to get them down to these two cabinets worth. Phew. very sad but had to be done. So now l have a very nice reading/meditation corner. Do love my lights. :)

Just had my hair cut ... very pleased with it. I don't normally like pictures of me but l rather like this "Selfie"! Not bad for 64! :)

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