Monday, May 28, 2012

nature and fun!

This the first Eucalyptus tree l found when l started to dye with leaves our local pub garden!
 Found this the other day...does anyone know what this is? Next image is a close up.

 Just love these shadows.
 My beautiful Alfie.
Andrew trying to cool Alfie down but he was not having any of it. Alfie hates being washed but doesn't happen often because his fur is sort of self cleaning!
 This French lavender looks like it has ears... beautiful but a bit weird!

 Where Andrew had splashed the water, within minutes the snails appeared.

 This one hitched a ride!
 Got him..just!
And now some of my Art. These were some of the Spinner Art that l created last week.  I wanted to be well practiced when l showed the after-school club children how to do it. Wonder if the manufacturers of lettuce spinners ever thought they would be used like this? Ha! I have to admit l had loads of fun!


Martine said...

now spring is finally here and we can enjoy the warmth. Lovely to see you play in the garden...........

Carole said...

Snails, boy, and puppy dog tail add up to fun, fun, fun!
I guess I'll have to hunt down a salad spinner from the thrift shop! Thanks!

Dayna Collins said...

Beautiful photos!

Amelia said...

Hi Lynda - well done with artyfizz, it looks amazing!! I was having a look and meaning to email you :)

These pics are great, so much going on and isn't the weather just the best?

Take care and speak soon,


kristin said...

i found some strange growth on a log in my yard just like the one you're showing here. i could only determine that it had to be some sort of fungus, but it wasn't firm like i would normally expect it to be. sorry i can't be of any help there. if you find out, let me know!

Elizabeth said...

So glad to have discovered your blog!
The lavender does look a little weird --but nice!

Jackie said...

Hey! Alfie is lovely. I can't say the same about the snails though!