Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fungi, rain and Noah's Ark !!

Look ... l am growing my own fungi !  :) Aren't they gorgeous ?

Last year, when we had our Open Studio's Event, there was a purple bike used as advertising. So l was thinking, l might try and do the same this year. And then joy of joys ... l have found an old bike that is being thrown out ... so l think l will have my own advertising bike! Yeh !!

I may not have liked the rain but my garden loved it!

This is the "hanging" art line, that my son put up for me, when he was home last week. 

I am experimenting with painting a Noah's Ark ... titled ... "Who let the tiger on "!
These next images are the way l have been changing it, to reach where l am happy with it , at the moment!

Still away to go yet but l am learning so much.

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