Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our visit to The Poppies ... Pt. 1

We just got off the train and you must be wondering what all these people are looking at and photographing ?

The amazing Shard. My husband took me all the way to the top ... on Bonfire Night, last year! It was a Birthday present ... it was amazing!

Isn't it funny how people still want to be photographed in a Red, British Phone Box !

Along the river front ..The Thames, of course ! 

 So many visitors, all with little flags being held up, so they can all find each other !! :)

Oh! ... Boris Bikes are no longer blue, no longer called Boris Bikes and will all eventually be yellow. Very strange !

Love this reflection!

As we sat in a resturant, l suddenly realised l could see " The Traitor's Gate " water entrance!

Wow ... l hadn't seen this sculture before! Beautiful.

This is one of the many " Story Book " decorated seats, that are all over London.

I just love the London Skyscape.

Colourful London.

My husband and my son ! :)

The first view of those famous poppies.

Another view of The Shard.

They are all coming to see The Poppies, either by foot, bike or on buses !

One of these is mine you know ! You buy one for £25 and you get it sent to you, in November !

It is even more stunning in the "real"! They will keep growing until November ... wow!

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