Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My work , acourse and books !

I had the chance today, to do some of my own work. But first l had an adult class to give, entitled, "Yes you can". I hope in these 6 weeks, that students switch on their "Art" brain and become more comfortable with learning techniques. Today we played with watercolour pencils, charcoal, wax crayons and pastels and much more. The idea of today, was just to play ...  with no expectations. Become comfortable just playing, which many students find very hard. The last time many of them "played" was when they were at Primary School, many years ago.

Then it was my turn to play. The image below is now finished and l am very pleased with it. It is acrylic on canvas. I love beach huts and the title is, "Peeling paint" ... at least at present !

This picture is progressing and l am now pleased with it's progress.

Looking at it from different angles and in mirrors.

I was surprised actually, how this helped me see, what was not working and enable me to put it right. The next image may put a lot of you off... sorry! My students often use these to frighten their parents with and of course we also draw them ! :)

This box is full of a small amount of the many books, l am having to get rid of. I really do have to de-clutter my studio. I have not decided how l am going to get rid of them but at least l have started the process. :(

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