Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My gorgeous daughter's birthday and some other things !!

Happy 39th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Jenny. Her Birthday was the 16th but we celebrated today, as we were apart on that date ! We first went around The Portrait Gallery, in Trafalgar Square,  to see the BP Portrait Award 2014. It is held every year and is the most prestigious international exhibition of contemporary portrait painting. It is, l think the best one l have seen for many a year. If you get a chance to see it, on from the 26th June till the 21st of September 2014,  it is well worth a visit. We had "Tea" ( see images) in the Resturant and Bar within the Portrait Gallery. The views were amazing and we had blue skies too ! :)

As said .... look at these views !

As you can see from the image below, ( See left handside of image ) we may not be having rain but someone is !

As you can from the image below ... we are breeding our policeman so small these days ... we have to build boxes for them, to stand on !!!! :)

Yesterday when l was in the courtyard, l saw something fly passed. It landed on the wing mirror of the van, isn't this moth beautiful!

The road sign outside my favorite coffee shop, Artisan , has become a comments pad for the coffee drinkers around here!

Look what l found outside my front door ... a transparent shell for a snail ! :)

I had a good day yesterday, in my studio. Hopefully l will show you the results tomorrow!

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