Sunday, January 10, 2016

Images and Patterns!

This month, l have been looking at shapes and wondering where these could fit into my art and story telling. This image below is a bird feeding container. I found it hanging from a branch on Putney Heath Common, by one of the ponds.  

These next two patterns are shadows, on the same door, taken from different angles. Strange!

On Saturday l went to see The Celt Exhibition at The British Museum. Before we went in, we had a few mins looking at some of the Egyptian statues. I found this one very different from most of them, it "feels" very emotional. It had not been finished and till quite recently, they didn't know who they were. We now know it was General Horemheb and his wife, l wonder why it was never finished?

The Celt Exhibition was amazing and so much of it. I did a lot of quick sketches and may do some work on that, in the future.
The next image is of the pattern l could see from the Resturant, in the Museum.  Loved it.

One of my many ( :) )problems, is l see patterns everywhere and my brain just never switches off! I also have a butterfly mind, which drives my family mad. I write everything down now, otherwise l forget those ideas. I have also, for a long time, written all my dreams down. I keep a note pad and pen beside my bed and if l wake up, write them down. I have painted quite a few of them, over the years. I am not pleased with a lot of them , as the techniques are not  good enough ... in my view. BUT l am still practicing! :)
Well ... l am off to do some experimenting , with soy wax and some of the pieces of bark, from the Paper Tree, l bought back from Sydney!

Here are a few Paper Tree images.

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