Friday, January 29, 2016

Sketchbook Challenge, Ruby Wax, Mindfullness ,Meditation and sketching!! :)

Hi everyone,
I have decided to do a Sketchbook Challenge for a whole year! Yes l know ... frightening! A year long conversation between three artists, who don't know each other .  BUT l had realised that with my Art School closed and no real studio, l had stopped drawing or paint and was stuck in my comfort zone. So this is one of the things l decided to do . The challenge works  like this  ...  I send my Journal to Artist A , at the beginning of each month and artist B then sends me their journal and l work in theirs.  Here is a sneak peek, as l won't show you the full spread until artist A, has received my handmade journal. Artist A looks at my work and sends back the conversation she has with one of my spreads. 

I really enjoyed creating these pages. I will show you the full book, once my Artist A has received it.
Once l have done the two challenges each month l will post them on here.  Artist B and l are doing to create our Art work and then send them to each other over the web. 

Earlier this week, my husband and l went to see Ruby Wax's show, based on Mindfullness.  She is amazing and my husband's comment , " Oh my God, there is there another "you" in the world". Poor Ruby Wax! :)    If you know about mindfullness, it is  funny but if you don't, it is enlightening as well. I have been looking into the subject and meditation and both seem to be helping me ... as long as l keep practicing!
The artistic meditation has really been helping me to relax and concentration what l really want to paint.  So we will see how it all goes from here and l will keep you all up today.

I have also been doing a LOT of sketching. This has come about mainly because of the Artist Meditation l have been doing. Here are a few of the sketchsl have created.

As you can see, l have been having fun and that is what Art should be about ! :)

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