Sunday, January 24, 2016

My work!

A few weekend's ago l went to see a Light Show, all over London. What l saw, was great but l didn't see all of them. Shapes, colours, sound and movement.

 Then this week we had lots of frozen mornings. and very cold evenings!

This morning l finished my sketch book, for my Teachers Artist's, year long, Sketchbook Challenge. I have never created this stitching before , really enjoyed finding out, how to create it. Am pleased with the end results.

I have also painted the first page! The way it works is like this! There are two other atists in this challenge. I send the book to Artist A and receive a book, at the same time, from Artist B. Then the books go backwards and forwards until Decemmber 2016!

Before l started this challenge, l had started sketching again, after a long absence. I had got my Mojo back at last! Phew! So l have been making other books and creating a lot of sketches. 

I have doodled for years ..... should have done something about it. Missed the boat ..... could be rich by now! :) All those doodle books in Smiths and bookshops. 

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