Monday, March 14, 2016

Buildings and my drawing experiences!

A trip up to Central London always excites me. This time l decided to take some images of glass and structures, that caught my eye. Here are just a few.

Then earlier this week,  on my walk home, l spotted some fungi. These just shone out from the woods. Such an amazing rich colour and so shiny, l could hardly miss them, even among all the dead leaves.

Then l also spotted this one, hidden under some dead leaves.

Over the last month or so, l have been sketching everyday, trying to improve my drawing. I also think l need to get over showing people my work. So here goes!

Then of course ... there always has to be some doodling! I could sit and do these for ever. Very addictive! :)

I have also decided that l needed to improve my " people " sketching. I have always been told l couldn't draw, by many a teacher! So l decided to prove them wrong. Each day l try and do some sketching in a coffee shop, on the street or on a tube. I was also very embarrassed to draw in public but decided what the heck ... just go for it girl. So here are some of the sketches l have done recently. 

I have also been practicing drawing coffee cups and containers! I really am enjoy this drawing experiment.

Thanks for visiting. :)


Emma Siedle-Collins said...

I love your people! I ignore those who say you can't draw, but we all need to practice I guess ;)

Lynda Howells said...

Thanks Emma.
I now practice everyday and am pleased to announce that my draewing is getting better. The big problem l know how, is remembering what l want to draw looks like! :) My husband says it is all to do with being over 60! :)

sharon young said...

I love your sketches, especially the ones of the people you draw from life, it's very daunting sketching in public but once I get over my nerves I love doing it. Practicing every day makes a huge difference, I've been doing it for 5 years now and have only missed about 4 days.

Lynda Howells said...

Thanks for visiting Sharon. I am impressed you have only missed 4 days .... :) I will keep drawing!!

May may poo said...

Hey lynda Maya speaking. Love all the sketching and remembered the drawing books that you made for us where on each page there was a different thing that we had to draw. I loved it!