Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The sketchbook circles, Tetbury and Cirencester and my projects.

As many of you will know, tl am involved in a year long, Art Teacher's Sketchbook Cicle. Below is my response to Artist B's Feb page. Really enjoyed creating this. Wish l had time to create more but with trying to get ready for Australia and looking after Boo, aged 2 .... life hs been a bit hectic.

The images below are Artist A's response to my Jan pages. She decided to pick up on the words "Hello" which was on the front of my handmade journal. I really like what she has created. Um l must spent ALL day Saturday creating some responses . Oh shame :) I don't expect l will enjoy it at all! :)

Last weekend, we unfortunetly had to go to a family funeral, in Wales. So we took the opportunity to visit family in Tetbury and Cirencester.  As the funeral was in Wales, we had to go across the Seven Bridge ... I think the bridge beautiful.

This gorgeous sheep , was outside a wool shop, in Tetbury!

Over 40 years ago my parents, owned a pub in Tetbury, called The Ormands. It is still there but now it is not only a pub but a restaurant and a hotel too. No more big funtion room, no more skittle alley and definetly no drive in entrance to the pub ... as we found out , to our cost. The entrance and carpark is now an outside seating area and a garden! We had to drive for quite a way, to find somewhere to park!!! :(

This was the view from our bedroom ... l love chimneys! :)

When the young man was signing me in, l told him this was my parent's  pub, over 40 years ago, he upgraded us to one of their best rooms. Well if you don't brag ....:)

Then it was off to Cirencester, where they have a beautiful Cathedral in the main square.

Some of you might know, that l have a thing about circles! Here are a few of the ones l collected today.

I have started another project to do with drawing. I want to really look at tree bark and here of a few examples that l took today.

I have added this image , to my ever growing file on fungi and mushrooms.

Thank you for visiting.


sharon young said...

What a lovely post, thank you for sharing all your photos and artwork. Our son lives in Cardiff and we cross the bridge every 6 weeks or so, it never ceases to impress me, it's so beautiful.

Lynda Howells said...

Thank you Sharon. The bridge always amazes me too. :)