Thursday, March 17, 2016

My March Sketchbook Challenge spread and l love Spring!

I am involved in a Sketchbook Challenge, with 2 other teacher artists. There are actually a couple of hundred school, artist teachers involved but l only work with two, for a whole year! One month l create something in my own book, for artist A, then the next month l create in artist B's book. The image below, is what l decided to have a conversation with, this month. The "hole" made me think of Theatre's and puppets.

The next image is of my Mind Mapping ideas. Thought it was an interesting idea to show how my mind was working!!:) Frightening! :)

The next images are of the "theatre and puppets l created, in response to " the hole" :)

This is an image of people in the audience .... every one clap now!

The story idea.

The Jones's.

My aliens in all their glory!

The full spread.

The town! 
I really enjoyed creating this spread.

Do you know what this interesting trunk, once belonged to?


I love Spring.


sharon young said...

I love your conversation piece, the family look so happy, everyone's having a wonderful time.

Lynda Howells said...

thank you Sharon x