Monday, March 28, 2016

My search for texture and colour.

I have been taking a lot of photo's lately, of textures and colours. Some have been from Nature, others from everyday day life!

The bubble image below, was from a large puddle l found at the side of the road. I am not sure what made the bubbles but l think they are very unusual.

A new purpose for a red phone box ! 

Another image to add to my "Circle" project.

Last week, my gorgeous daughter, treated me to a Spa session at The Dorcester ... where else! She also threw in a Champagne Tea! Oh bliss! Outside the Hotel, was this amazing sculpture.Very white and in the rain, it glistens. It can be seen from quite a distance, as it is such a stark white marble. Stunning!

This was the simple but very effective floral decoration in the Spa entrance .

The simple but stylish table decoration.

Then yesterday , we went for a walk on Wimbledon Common. It is a great place to think, get ideas or just be calm. The weather has been wet, for the last few weeks and it shows in the beautiful green, that can be seen every where. There is also a lot of "spare" water around at present, like you can see in the image below.  Infact some of the areas look like a swamp! :)

I often do some echo dying and lichen is something l often use. But only if the wood has fallen off the tree. I love that fact that there are some many different shades of greens on this one tree branch and trunk.

This tree reminds me of a Turkish oven ... when l come back from visiting my new grandson, l have inmind to turn this into a shrine, of some sort!  For quite a few years, l have been intending to create some shrines but life seemed to always get in the way!

These tree roots look as if they are alive and will move any moment!

This heart is beautiful and really is this dark.

The storm is coming!

I enjoyed playing around with this image. It reminds me of a negative. I intend to carry on this project and will more than likely paint it.

Love this next image. It makes me feel that the world and time are moving around my husband, while he is standing still. 

This next image really "rocks my boat", as the saying goes. It has loads of texture and some many cool colours. There are so many ways that l could use this image. Mixed media, textiles, embroidery or painting.  Yummy !

This image makes me think of wasted land, maybe due to war.  It feels raw and lonely!

Wimbledon Common is a place that can be full of people or very lonely/peaceful place!  Often it feels to me, a spiritual place. I love the silver birch's that are all around and the many fungi that can be found. Especially the fairy rings that can be found, filled with red spotted fungi! Real storybook images.
At the moment, l have no space to paint my large canvases in, as l had to close my studio/school. I am lucky that l do have some space to work, small in. So for the moment, l am concentrating on sketching, researching and journalling.

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