Monday, February 27, 2006

As l was saying, before l had to stop for the phone! People's reactions to the camera are weird. You can see from some of the images that the person has realised they are being caught on camera and smile at me. I wonder what is going on their heads? Actually the people in the above images all spoke to me and seemed quite happy with the idea of my project. They didn't like the idea of CCTV cameras. Funny really when you think all the difference between us is they can see and speak to me! Would that make a big diffence to you? That is if anyone is reading this??????
I suppose that brings me to the question..Why am l writing this if l don't know if anyone is reading it? I started this Blog to try and sort my mind out about this project. An electronic work book or journal l suppose. Most artists use a sketch book or /and write their ideas down. Being dyslexic l find writing by hand difficult and very tiring. The computor fits the bill! Also l think l would like some feed back from people other than my tutors!!! being a mature student can be quite tiring, especially if you are strong minded like me!!!!!
Well it is after midnight and am busy tomorrow..Goodnight world.


Clovr said...

I just came across your blog and I think your photo idea is cool and the pictures are interesting to look at. Good luck with your project! I'm curious, do people ever ask you how you plan to use their picture?

Whitewhitch said...

Hi! if you go into the past days,you will see that l keep a daily log. In this l put all sorts of things. One of them is what people say to me during the day. People often ask me what l am doing and why. Most of them are really interested in the project. I tell them what l may do with them and no one has sayed "No". Interesting as they don't like CCTV!
Thanks for commenting about my images. It is lovely to hear people like the project. Keep looking and tell your friends. Looking forward to hearing from you aagain. Send me your blog address.