Monday, February 20, 2006

As you can see from these pictures, there are many ways to avoid having your picture taken other than moving away!
I was very surprised to find how many people just stood their ground and stared right back at me or just turned away. Very few people moved or totally ignored me. There l am, stand in the street, camera on a tripod and you would never guess the number of times people stood right in front of it and then sayed "Sorrry. Didn't see you"!
At one point l decided perhaps l blended into the background too much and so people were not noticing me or the tripod. SOO...dressed in bright yellow coat, bright orange and red scarf, pink boots...the lot! Did it make any difference...NO!
Over the first few weeks l went out almost every day for at least 3 hours. Wind, rain and cold...why did l begin this project in January? Dumb!!!
People did start to approach me and ask what l was doing. Most people thought it was an interesting idea. I had the usual drunks or weirdos that wanted to know if l was a spy, was l planning to launch weapons of mass destrution, was l planning to lauch a rocket into space and so on. Several people, normally elderly, asked if l was doing a "Bus survey" as the traffic in the high street was so bad? Fun times were had by all.

Changing the subject for a second. It has been pointed out to me that l have spelt "Whitewhitch" wrongly. Well... yes l have but it is a family joke about my spelling and l am also dyslexic. It was only after the name had been excepted that my husband pointed out the spelling mistake. I lke it because like me..its a little different and very quirky!

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