Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hi again,
Been busy for the last couple of days. I'm an Outreach Art and Crafts Tutor, and we have college inspection coming up...SO much paper work! What with that and peace for the wicked...or so they say!
I love images were you only see a section of the face. Makes me wonder if they were just checking me out, accidently showing me their face or just playing with me? What do you as the viewer (if anyone is actually reading this Blog!!!) think. Would love some feed back on these images.
The entry for my daily Log on Febuary 15th 2005 deals with Trafalgar Square and The London Eye area. Thought l test out tourist areas today to see if people act any differently from Putney.
The first thing that happened was l was approached by a man who couldn't understand why l was taking pictures of people. "When you come to the Square you are meant to take pictures of pigeons!!!" I explain what l was doing and his reply was..." You are very weird, people come to Trafalgar Square to take pictures of pigeons, you really are very weird" and went off muttering to himself. Takes all sorts.
The Square is quite difficult to take pictures in because people move out of your way. The reason being they think l am there to take images of tourist things like the lions or the fountains. Boring!.
From the Square l ventured towards The London Eye. As soon as l started taking photographs with my camera on a tripod, two burley security guards approached me and "No photographs" was shouted at me. There was no reasoning with them, so l moved!The area that the wheel is built on is called The Queen's walk and there is a Private Land Rule covering the use of tripods in this area. Weird or what. I suppose they don't want people selling images of the wheel, so they loose money.
Back soon. Paper work is calling.

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